Mahdieh Izadpanah

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Conical Connection
Switch Platform
Self Cutting Edge
Safe Apex
Structure Without Micro-Threads

Aoral Scanner Shining 3 D

Brand New Design
Fast Speed
Intuitive Communication
High Accuracy
Powerful AL Process

Roland Milling Machine

Automatic Disc Changer
Automatic Tool Changer
Intelligent Tool Control
5-Axis Milling
Automatic Air Pressure Control
Intuitive Software for Added Milling Control
User Replaceable Spindle

Our Services

We Support Our Customers throgh Digital Challenges

Describing the specifications and amount of output from each device at the beginning of the purchase
After the comprehensive description of the device, the training steps of Exocad software start
Supplying consumable parts of devices and delivering them after 2-3 working days
You will also learn how to input files and output them
How to maintain and clean devices + calibrating them is also taught

Our Training & Courses

Advanced Training Symposium

Open And Closed Sinus Lifting Techniques
Bleeding Control In Sinus Surgery
Management Of Membrance Perforation In Sinus Surgery
5-Axis Milling
Classification Of Bone defects
Hard And Soft Tissue Management Around The Implant

Topic Of Courses

Webinar Introduction to various specialized applications of 3D printers in dentistry
A-Z Sergical Guide Course
Webinar Introduction to 3D Smile
Design Surgical Guide General Course Scan And Design 3D Printing & Milling
Hidden aspects of buying a 3D printer

Specialized design course for implant prosthesis In Exocad and 3Shape software

Introducing libraries of different implant systems and digital work process, from design to delivery of implant prosthesis
Customizable abutment design in Exocad software and its comparison with designing in 3Shape software
Scrotype cover design in Exocad software
Toronto bridge and Implant Bar design in Exocad software
Comparison of customized design process of abutment in 3Shape software and establishing effective interaction between this software and Exocad
Troubleshooting a practice project, reviewing previous topics and summarizing

?Why us

Providing diverse services for our customers
Holding Different Kinds Of Training Courses
Passinate About Moving Forward
We have a creative and energetic team that creates value and embraces changes
Our efforts and perseverance have enabled Raino to evolve from a sales representative in a limited geographical area to play a decisive role in the ecosystem of digital dentistry in Iran
Our goal is providing the necessary infrastructure to support and present advanced training capabilities as well as technical and sales services to our customers