About us

Given that we live in a fast-changing world that is growing exponentially with many innovations every day, it is very exciting to me and the Raino team to be able to introduce and provide the latest technology in the field of healthcare and play a useful role, so that we could encourage more people to use the latest international technologies. I believe that we must constantly create value for ourselves and our customers and help ourselves and our customers to make progress and live better by employing all our energy, strength and creativity along with specialized and trained employees who are among t he best

Mahdieh Izadpanah

Founder & CEO

Our Mission

Raino is a comprehensive group who provides training, support, provision, marketing and sales of equipment and services in the field of dentistry digital equipment, dental implants and special materials throughout Iran. The Company constantly adapts to new conditions and leads its customers to improve their efficiency and facilitate professional activity in providing oral health services. Our goal is providing the necessary infrastructure to support and present advanced training capabilities as well as technical and sales services to our customers, and to be a reliable source of help for the growing and ongoing success of Raino customers. The Company is committed to create values for its customers while seeking innovation, enhancing customer relations and providing continuous development

Rohollah RafatHosseini


Our Vision

Preparing a network of specialists, dentists, laboratories and technical experts in the field of biomedical engineering, an up-to-date portfolio of products that increases the quality and efficiency as well as the overall profitability for dentists and patients

Mohsen ShamsAbadi


Our Values

Our first value and priority is being responsible to each other and being accountable to Raino's colleagues and customers
We like our business and brand; and we reflect this in providing technical training, specialized services and quality products
We are constantly learning and training to keep our team up to date
We have a creative and energetic team that creates value and embraces changes

A Short Story Of Raino

  • Highlights Of 2017

    Raino is established and the first office is equipped; The first training courses are held in the field of digital dentistry, laboratorial and clinical CAD/CAM in Raino (attracted university professors); Participating in AEEDC Dubai; Recruiting our first set of staff
  • Highlights Of 2018

    Participation in two exhibitions and renting booths (Endodontic Congress); Fluctuations in the USD/IRR exchange rate and subsequent crises; Retaining the former staff and recruiting more personnel; Initiating a new production adventure (microscopes)
  • Highlights Of 2019

    Raino's first relocation; Removal of microscopes from the Iranian market due to international sanctions and as a result, this product wasn't a priority for clinics anymore. Holding the first Aim Academy; More specialized activities in the form of a digital dentistry and implants department; Intensification of international sanctions; Beginning the sale and storage of Swiss implants (marketing promotion through making special and viral content for advertising our brand throughout Iran and exclusively in Mashhad); Unsuccessful experience at the beginning of production (project cancelled)
  • Highlights Of 2020

    Forming a digital marketing team; Saving the Company by the application of creativity during COVID pandemic and businesses shutdowns; Holding our first online trainings (WebiRaino); Creating a new vision to move forward; Not giving up and maintaining our motivation during COVID pandemic; Taking bigger steps in the field of dentistry; Having a new experience in another non-specialized field and subsequent failure (Nano Kleania project)
  • Highlights Of 2021

    The toughest year with COVID aftershocks; Exploring new ideas; Relocating Raino to a more spacious and convenient office to hold our courses; Seeking professional advice and improving our performance; Beginning the exclusive sale of Shining's oral scanners in Iran (a recognized brand among dentists)

Team Formation History

In 2017, the first 4-member meetings were held to brainstorm the start of a new business. This four-member board tried to take a step forward in the field of healthcare and promote it. The four of us gathered together full of energy, ability and big ideas This young team faced many problems during the initial formation of the company, including relocation, fluctuations in the USD/IRR exchange rate, sanctions, etc. But as we had great motivation, team morale, great ideas, endless efforts and perseverance along with responsibility and creativity, we managed to keep the Company alive and played a role in the promotion of digital dentistry and dental implants in Iran. Attending important exhibitions in Iran and our region is another important factor in our Company's development. Training courses and support services provided by Raino all over Iran have also made us more noticeable. Our efforts and perseverance have enabled Raino to evolve from a sales representative in a limited geographical area to play a decisive role in the ecosystem of digital dentistry in Iran
Our four main departments are; Digital Dentestry, Implant, , Services and Helpcenter and here are the head of departments

Mohsen ShamsAbadi

Head Of Digital Dentistry Department

Rohollah RafatHosseini

Head Of Implant Department

Tayebeh SabzehKar

Insader Manager

MohammadReza Zare

Head Of HelpCenter Department