F3L-1720 Azarfurnace

laboratory BOX furnaces (high temperature)
* The maximum operating temperature of the furnace is 1720 degrees Celsius
: Useful dimensions of the furnace heat chamber (depth D = 15 cm)
(height H = 15 cm)
(width W = 15 cm)
Power consumption of single-phase furnace is 22 amps (with maximum power consumption P = 4.5 kw)
* The control system is of programmable external type
* The electric power given to the furnace is completely controllable, so that the heating rate of the furnace can be controlled separately in each stage
* Furnace equipped with a very strong heat protection system (Termo Police) is very strong, which protects the furnace from possible damage
* The system has the ability to stabilize the temperature up to 2% Celsius
* The oven is equipped with a door microswitch
* In case of wear and tear of the thermocouple, the furnace system will be turned off and a special audible signal (continuous siren) will sound
Power distribution in the furnace is done in thyristor and completely without noise and the contactor installed in the system acts as an emergency protector
* Furnace thermocouple is of type B (RtRh -Pt30%)
* External dimensions and approximate weight of the furnace: (Net = 120kg), (depth D = 44cm), (height H = 145cm), (width W = 62cm) * All spare parts of the furnace, including thermal and electronic, are available
* The F3L-1720 oven is under warranty for one year from the date of delivery and is covered by Azarkoreh after-sales service for 15 years
*** The heating elements of this furnace are of molybdenum disilicide type, which due to the fragility of these parts, any movement must be notified to Azarkoreh company
(Net = 120kg), (depth D = 44cm), (height H = 145cm), (width W = 62cm) * All furnace spare parts are available, both thermal and electronic
* The F3L-1720 oven is under warranty for one year from the date of delivery and is covered by the after-sales service of Azarkoreh company for 15 years

F2l-1720 Azarfurnace

laboratory BOX furnaces (high temperature) F2L-1720
These furnaces are classified into two temperature groups of 1500 and 1720 and each of them has a variety in terms of production size
The elements used at 1500 temperature are silicon carbide (SiC) and for 1720 temperature molybdenum disilicide element (MoSi2) is used
The refractories used are made of high purity alumina and fiber ceramic board from the products of European companies
The control system of these furnaces is of programmable type, which is used from different models in the existing control systems section
The temperature control system in the above furnaces is PID and FUUZY Logic, and therefore the temperature control accuracy is less than ± 0.2ºC. Thermo Couple Lite Capacity