optiprint lumina

Product information "optiprint lumina"
optiprint lumina is the new translucent 3D printing resin for natural-looking teeth.
As a highly filled 3D printing resin, optiprint lumina combines excellent edge adjustment with strength and aesthetics
Thanks to the available tooth colors (VITA tooth color scale) high aesthetic demands are met without additional reworking
In addition the restorations can be easily individualized with composite if necessary
Editing and polishing are extremely easy
A sedimentation of the material in the bottle or in the material tub is excluded

Optiprint Laviva

Product information "optiprint laviva"
optiprint laviva is the new 3D printing resin for lifelike dentures
Thanks to a natural translucent coloring and the high mechanical strength dentures can be printed that delight every patient with their appearance and stability
If necessary the gingival areas can be characterized by the help of composite or plastic and a little more naturalness can be worked out
The printed denture base is torsion-resistant and also safely withstands high loads
Any sedimentation of the material in the bottle or in the material tub is excluded

Optiprint Clara

Our new optiprint clara consists of high mechanical strength in printed splints and thus offers break resistance and flexibility in the patient's mouth
With this new material development, there is no risk of flaking or splint breaks in the patient's mouth
optiprint clara is mouth-resistant and tasteless
This material advantage leads to 100% satisfaction for both the practitioner and the patient

Optiprint Zero

The name says it all
The new 3D printing resin optiprint zero takes the CAD / Cast process to a new level with 0% polymerisation shrinkage
This residue-free castable premium resin impresses with its precision, smooth surfaces and distortion-free cast objects - the basis for high-precision model cast frameworks as well as metallic crowns and bridges
Fully developed for casting technology: 0% shrinkage = 100% precision
Model casting
The basis for an excellent result in the CAD / cast process are, among others
the castability and non-distortion
In addition, the polymerization shrinkage determines the fit of the cast framework

Optiprint Model Align

Product information "optiprint model align"
Special material variant with high hardness for orthodontic and Aligner models
This special resin is tailored to the model requirements of the thermoforming technology and guarantees the technician a high level of process reliability
For example, optiprint model align is particularly suitable for the production of models as part of the in-house production of aligner splints
:Special features
Surface quality like a plaster model Coordinated with thermoforming technology Ideal for in-house aligner production

Optiprint Mock-up

Product information "optiprint mock-up"
Use 3D printing as a sales aid and to ensure patient satisfaction
In this way, the patient, dentist and dental technician can perfectly adjust and predict the shape and position of the restoration before the treatment begins
A common area of application for mock-ups is the planning of veneers in the anterior region, as aesthetics and function are particularly critical factors here
Not only does the patient see the planned end result, he can also try out ways of chewing and speaking
The special resin can be scanned very easily without further conditioning of the surface, so that the try-on can be digitized again via a wax-up scan
:Special properties
Sales aid for the patient interview Ensuring patient satisfaction Medical device class I

Optiprint Model

Product information "optiprint model"
The optiprint model, which is specially designed for the model production, is opaque, light and moisture stable
The golden brown color allows particularly optimal visibility of the preparation line and, in conjunction with the abrasion resistance of the component,
ensures a processing that is very close to the one of the classic plaster model

Optiprint Guide

Product information "optiprint guide"
The optiprint guide resin is a clear, transparent, light-curing premium resin based on (meth) acrylates for the production of implant drill guides
The material is characterized by its exceptional UV stability in combination with reliable flexural / tensile strength
Without any form of brittleness, optiprint guide guarantees high process robustness and meets the highest demands on handling
The components made from optiprint guide can be sterilized with ethylene oxide, y-radiation or steam
They remain dimensionally stable and almost free of discoloration
The resin has a low viscosity and is biocompatible

Optiprint Tray

Product information "optiprint tray"
optiprint tray has been consistently developed and optimized for the generative production of individual impression trays with regard to mechanics, polymerization behavior and optics
Thanks to the high translucency of the 3D-printed component, the practitioner always has control during the impression process and the removal of the tray from the mouth
:Special properties
Coordinated curing depth for high construction speeds Dimensionally stable

Optiprint Gingiva 385

Product information "optiprint gingiva 385"
The special resin optiprint gingiva has been designed for the production of flexible gingival masks using 3D printing technology
The color of optiprint gingiva, which is very similar to that of natural gingiva, in conjunction with the gingiva-like flexibility of the material, makes it easier for the dental technician to produce aesthetic dentures
optiprint gingiva is the ideal complement to the special model resin optiprint model
:Special properties
Functional upgrade of the model Natural reproduction of the gingiva Flexible and tear-resistant

Optiprint I-B-T

Product information "optiprint I-B-T"
The biocompatible 3D printing resin I-B-T 385 has been specially developed for the additive manufacturing of transfer templates for bracket positioning
The transfer templates can be designed very easily with the CAD software
The practitioner benefits from the increased accuracy, safety and speed when using the brackets
The clear-transparent material is very flexible and deliberately tearable and can therefore be inserted and removed very easily
:Special properties
Comfortable and safe
Flexible and deliberately tearable
Class I medical device

Optiprint Ortho-Model

Product information "optiprint ortho-model"
Special material with high hardness for orthodontic and aligner models
This resin is especially designed for the requirements of the thermoforming technology on the model and guarantees the technician a high level of process reliability
For example, optiprint ortho-model is particularly suitable for the production of models as part of the in-house production of aligner splints, e.g
optilign from dentona
:Special features
Surface quality like a plaster model Specially designed for the thermoforming technology
Ideal for in-house aligner production



Light-curing, biocompatible resin
for the 3D printing of removable denture bases
High process reliability thanks to high initial hardness following printing
Low viscosity for reduced material consumption and faster cleaning
Displays maximum mechanical flexural and tensile strength without becoming brittle
Colour stability, odorless and tasteless MMA-free, medical device Class IIa
Colours: pink-transparent and pink


Light-curing, biocompatible resin
for the 3D printing of temporary crowns & bridges
Exceptional breaking and fl exural resistance, high abrasion resistance
Natural tooth esthetics, brilliant, translucent colours
Easy surface processing and polishing, can be characterized individually with the smartrepair® system or composites
Low viscosity for low material consumption and more rapid cleaning
Resistant to oral conditions, no odour or taste irritations, medical device Class IIa, colours: A1, A2, A3


Light-curing, biocompatible resin
for the 3D printing of drilling templates for implantology, X-ray templates and occlusal splints
Clear-transparent formulation for visual control in the working area
Process reliability through high initial hardness and final strength
Low-viscosity approach for low material consumption and more rapid cleaning
High mechanical bending and breaking strength, without being brittle
BPA-free, neutral odour and taste
Medical device Cl. IIa, colour: clear-transparent


Light-curing, biocompatible resin
for the 3D printing of base parts for orthodontic apparatuses, drilling and X-ray templates, occlusal and fixation splints
Benefits: maximum reliability of construction process, mechanical strength, easy to polish. Breaking strength, elasticity and influence of moisture following the orthodontic standard
Validated processes for sterilization in autoclaves
Adaptation of the occlusion field, easy fixation of orthodontic wire elements and auxiliary components with FREEFORM® fixgel
Resistant to oral conditions, neutral odour and taste. Medical device Class IIa, colour: clear-transparent


Light-curing, biocompatible resin
for the 3D printing of orthodontic transfer trays for positioning brackets
The indirect bonding trays are transparent and facilitate precise positioning
High tensile strength and flexibility allow the easy positioning of brackets in a single step
Odorless and tasteless, Medical device Class I
Colour: transparent


Light-curing, biocompatible resin
for the 3D printing of individual impression and functional trays and base resin plates
Low viscosity for low material consumption and more rapid cleaning
Maximum construction speed, very high dimensional stability and torsional rigidity No mechanical reprocessing of the surface necessary
Suitable for all impression materials, neutral odour and taste, MMA-free
Medical device Class I, colour: green


Light-curing resin
for the 3D printing of cast objects using precision casting technology
Burns without residue in the mould, even with large volumes. Embedding is performed with phosphate-bonded standard embedding compound
Precise reproduction of the finest surface structures
Low-viscosity approach for low material consumption and more rapid cleaning
High process reliability and precision in construction
Colour: red


Light-curing resin
for the 3D printing of dental models
Precise reproduction of details, maximum surface hardness and shape stability
Maximum precision in construction, feel and stability meet the high demands of model production
Opaque colour adjustment for the optical detection of surface structure, preparation margins, etc
Colours: ivory, grey, sand


Light-curing resin
for the 3D printing of flexible gingival masks for dental models
For 3D reproduction of functional gingival model segments in a digital workflow in conjunction with FREEPRINT® model
Excellent elasticity and tear-resistance
Excellent dimensional stability, no shrinkage or aging, ductile even when stored over a long period
No annoying or unpleasant odors from fabricated gingival masks
Colour:5 gingiva


Dental Zirconia White Block


HappyZir 98mm/95mm/71mm UT Ultra translucency White zirconia disc

Ultra Translucency Zirconia Blocks - High translucent zirconium oxide for perfect aesthetics
Vsmile Ultra Translucent UT White is made of ultra tranclucent zirconium oxide (with 49% light transmittance), that guarantees
natural tooth looking,With extreme flexural strength( 700Mpa)
Optimized combination of strength and translucency
Lifelike vitality, engineered for the anterior
Enhanced shade matching for predictable results

HappyZir 98mm/95mm/71mm SHT Super high Translucency Zirconia Disc

SHT WhiteZirconia Block Features 6 layers Multilayer Color
43% Transparency
Strength shows gradient 1200Mpa Suitable for anterior,crown and 2-3 unit bridge
SHT White Zirconia Block Indication
Crown, Inlay, Onlay, Implant, Anterior
SHTWhiteZirconia Block Physical Characteristics
Sintered density 6.07+_0.01g/m Hardness 1250HV
Sintering temperature 1500 degree
Matters needing attention:The direction indicated by the arrow is the incisal
Used for bridge:Suggestion within 3 units brige

HappyZir 98mm/95mm/71mm ST Super Translucency white Zirconia Disc

:HappyZir ST Feature
Monolithic applications

Full Contour/full crown/dental crown material
IFull bridge material
Super translucent zirconia block
Diffcult designs which required additional strenght is needed

HappyZir 98mm/95mm/71mm HT High Translucency white Zirconia Disc

Vsmile HT zirconia disc is a dental zirconium oxide (Y-TZP ZrO2) with a very high flexural strength of 1350MPa
The simultaneously high opacity value is idealfor discolored stumps or hybrid restorations on titanium bases
Vsmile HT zirconia disccan be used as a framework material with brush or dipping infiltration. All-ceramic veneering is possible with the common all-ceramic systems
Processing Options
Copings for full anatomical or partial veneering
Brush or dipping infiltration
Single-toothrestorations ( posterior)
3-unit bridges (posterior)

Rosetta BM

Glass-Ceramic Blocks

Glass-Ceramic Blocks

for Dental CAD/CAM System
Rosetta® BM is the leucite glass ceramic CAD/CAM block with minimized shrinkage for simple and efficient restorations, stable and durable aesthetics with high precision in the outcomes
Simple & Fast Process
Rosetta® BM enables post-milling process to be free from additional heat application
Enjoy the high level of efficiency and satisfaction by achieving simplicity, fastness and efficiency with the utmost accuracy
Durability in Aesthetics
Lifelike and natural look of the resulted restorations without any failures such as discoloration, de-bonded case, etc
is one of the most important criteria and Rosetta® BM is completely fulfilling those standards
Excellent opalescence, fluorescence and brightness of Rosetta® BM provides you with highly integrated aesthetic value
High Edge Stability
Superior edge stability and long-lasting state of restoration after cementation are quintessential to evaluate the quality of dental work
In particular, those points become even more prominent when considering smaller sized works such as inlays and onlays
Rosetta® BM is your unquestionable solution for such cases

: Available Shades & Indications