Mr. MirzaNezhad

Specialized design course for implant prosthesis In Exocad and 3Shape software

Introducing libraries of different implant systems and digital work process, from design to delivery of implant prosthesis
Customizable abutment design in Exocad software and its comparison with designing in 3Shape software
Scrotype cover design in Exocad software
Toronto bridge and Implant Bar design in Exocad software
Comparison of customized design process of abutment in 3Shape software and establishing effective interaction between this software and Exocad
Troubleshooting a practice project, reviewing previous topics and summarizing

Topic of corses By Mr. Ebrahimi

Webinar Introduction to various specialized applications of 3D printers in dentistry
Hidden aspects of buying a 3D printer
Webinar Introduction to 3D Smile Design Surgical Guide General Course
Scan And Design 3D Printing & Milling

Mr. Ebrahimi

More Describtion About Hidden aspects of buying a 3D printer

By Mr. Ebrahimi

The difference between LCD and LED printers, the pros and cons of each
Five common mistakes in choosing 3D printers for a laboratory
From scanning and design to casting, printing and subsequent considerations (practical training)
An overview of the types of applications in Wex up (the most frequent), aligner, surgical guide, etc
The effect of software errors on the outputs
Practical case presentation

The First Dental CAD/CAM Course

Teaching Impression and Cast Scanning Techniques
Teaching how to enter and adjust parameters in milling devices
Teaching how to design special cravans, gopings, bridge and abutments in Exocad
Introducing the types of materials used by CAD/CAM devices
Teaching how to paint and center using Zirconia and ceramic glass
Teaching how to powder Zirconia frames
Teaching how to stein and glaze
Awarding a valid certificate from Dentium Company
Provide educational packages including; Booklets, books, educational videos, etc

Dr. Omid oghaddas

Intraoral Scanning Techniques: Correct Algorithm to Rcording and Editing Data
Chaireside CAD/CAM Material: Preparation and Finishing Process

Introducing Digital Technology and Its Evolution in Implant Dentistry

1St. Regional Congress of Iranian Dental Association-Khorasan

Mr. Esmaeili Fallah