Cs3800 A wireless intraoral scanner with high-performance experience
: Benefits at a glance

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Bibendum curabitur et netus in dictum mauris rutrum platea senectus aptent High-performance wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility and seamless user experience One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners of the market Faster and smoother scanning thanks to a larger and broader field of view and a deeper field of view Full control of intraoral capabilities right on the handpiece


The CS 3700 delivers a high-performance scanning experience that takes you in any direction you want to go
Prestigious design―by Studio F. A. Porsche
Experience comfort and functionality
The CS 3700 is designed to provide you with both tremendous comfort and superior functionality
Turbo scan speed is proven to scan in vitro single arches in 30 seconds when the recommended PC configuration is used
An ergonomically optimal grip channel provides balanced scanner control
An optional wrist strap connects the user to the scanner and prevents damage from dropping


A smarter way to scan High-speed, intuitive and highly accurate digital impressions
The CS 3600 is your choice for clinical excellence. With intuitive and accurate scanning, you have the power to create vibrant full HD 3D images—helping you achieve outstanding clinical results
The CS 3600 scans in a continuous and uninterrupted pattern, making dual arch and quadrant imaging fast and easy for both you and your patients
No matter your workflow, the digital impressions you create can streamline your restorative, orthodontic and implant planning
With the CS 3600, the way you acquire digital impressions is truly made easy


Intraoral scanner

Aoralscan3 shining 3D

Fast Speed(Single arch in 25s/Full arch in 1 min)
up to 22 mm Deep Scan Depth
16×12 mm FOV (Standard Tip)
.light weight(240gr)
Ergonomically Desighned for optimal Hand_Help operation
· High Accuracy
auto anti-fogging
· Powerful AI Process(artificial intelligence)
· motion sensing Communication
2 Tip Sizes,up to 100 times Autoclavable
Output STL, OBJ, PLY


Lab Scanner

Shining 3D Ds-Ex pro

* Unique and smart design (small and light)
* Fully open structure
* :function
Scan Articulator
Triple-tray scan
Scan Texture
Continuous scanning
Multi Scan
Imperssion Scan
* 3D scanning technology with structured light
* Scanning time : Bite 8s/ upper and lower jaw 15s
* output format STL,OBJ
* Weight 5kg

Shining 3D DS-MIX

.Intelligent scan
. High-end implant and veneer applications
* Unique and smart design (small and light)
* 2x 5.0MP camera
* Accuracy ≤ 7 µm
* :Functions
Scan Articulator
Triple-tray scan
Scan Texture
Continuous scanning
* 3D scanning technology with structured light
* Scan time 6s for Bite and 13 s for upper / lower jaw
* output format STL,PLY
* Weight 7.5 kg

Shining 3D DS-EX

lab scanner shining 3d -Ds-Ex
Modular Structure
Compact Size (5kg)
Accuracy 15 µm
Open Data Format
Bite 13 s/1-8 Dies 30 s/Single Jaw 30 s/Impression 120 s
: Functions
Scan Articulator
Triple-tray scan
Scan Texture
Continuous scanning
Output Format STL, OBJ